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Particulars; and why you need to surround yourself with them.

Think about how much more wonderful life would be if every person on this earth did what they were passionate about and pursued it ’till the very bits of its end. Think about the outcome and how much positivity you will be surrounded with. How great it would be to be courageous and driven enough to run after what you want (and, in a perfect world, conquer all obstacles thrown in your way and find long term success, whatever that success may be.) How much more clear laughs will sound and how truer words will be spread.

Sometimes it hits me late at night (as it did now, I’m afraid), right as I’m trying to draw a close to my day for a few hours before I begin again; I really start to think (and I know you did too, at some point in time, think my exact thoughts), that time is running by. I don’t want to put it harshly but there is a finish line and sooner or later everyone will cross it and that’s about as clear as day. But unlike usual marathons, this one counts on what you actually accomplish on your way to the red band you will tear, because everyone will reach it; and unfortunately the faster you do, the worse it will be for you, because the saddest part about the marathon is that there are absolutely 0 winners. You won’t be given a trophy for finishing first or arriving a few seconds after the winner, what will determine your “success” is how you ran (I hope I haven’t milked this metaphor too much, please tell me if I did).

My mind was wandering around ideas like how much less weight there would be over our tired little shoulders if people really dug deep to find what truly and unquestionably motivates them and makes them happy, and went after it.

Throughout my (still pretty short compared to others) life, I have met a wide range of people, and I have realized why it is that I am attracted to those that I will from now on forward call “particulars”. They are the particular souls that you just feel are different from the rest of the bunch; and that difference usually comes from them being open about what they like, what motivates them, and generally who they are as people. They are the ones who are unafraid to question themselves repeatedly and fearfully (yes, fearfully), but they do, and they try as much as they can to do what they love in a world absolutely filled and overflowing with judgements and pre-judgements and pre-pre judgements and doubt and the fear of what will happen if I do what I actually love doing. These particulars inject what they love doing in their daily lives and you can just feel their presence when they walk into work or when they get back home. They are the artists who, even if they did not become artists, ended up injecting art in their lives so well that they never needed a canvas.

If you know these particulars/ if you’ve felt their presence before, you will know who I’m talking about. These are the people who are not just “good” at what they’re doing, they are the change and the difference. They are what makes this life extremely enjoyable in all its mundanity and unpleasantly usual routines.  They can be that teacher you had that really, really made an impact on you, a person you met in the office that does their job so absolutely brilliantly that you start questioning what you really got from your Masters Degree. They can be a classmate that teaches you so much more than what’s written on the slides, and who knows? It can even be you, particular person. (Because I’ll let you in on one last little secret before I literally fall asleep on my keyboard: we are all f***ing particulars! In our own ways. But for your own mental health, stay around these people, learn from them and let them influence you in the best way possible and let them make your brain itch sometimes because the clock is still ticking! and you’re still running, but by being more particular, in your own way, you’ll learn to forget that there’s a finish line.

*Sidenote forgive the cheesiness in this post if you smelled it, it’s 2:33 am and my brain may be farting bubbles. Hope you enjoyed the read 🙂



“I often found myself wondering, as I was reading Rewa’s essays: How much does a heart weigh? I mean an “empty” heart, without the extra load of love, pain, sorrow, passion, joy, disappointments, hope, affection, affection, ache, excitement, desire, grief, regret, frustration, trust, doubt, anger, resentment, warmth, fear, ambition, faith, anxiety, suspicion. I often felt, as I was reading one of her essays, as if my whole body was nothing but a giant heart.” – Joumana Haddad

I knew I wanted that book more than anything the second I finished reading these few lines at the back.

Rewa Zeinati, {as copied from her mini-bio attached to the book’s cover}, is a Lebanese-American poet who studied English Literature in the American University of Beirut and earned her MFA in Creative writing from the University of Missouri. And as the big names of her universities cover her realness/brilliance, I’m a little taken back because her entire lifetime of achievements and awesomeness up until this very book, was summed up in a little less than 29 sentences. TWENTY NINE SENTENCES are you kidding me?! She deserves pages thankyouverymuch.

Her book “Nietzsche’s Camel Must Die” is a a lot of Facebook notes gathered up all under the pages of one brilliant creation.

Let me drink my little cup of self-proclaimed-book-reviewing-expertise and tell you that the pages she wrote are my silent scream in the face. Everything I have ever felt strongly about or kept to myself she blurted out in three hundred and nine pages. Her words are my fists in protest and my blabbermouth, my loudest and sometimes most silent yells. I warn you, to be careful when you open the book because it jut might roar you into a scare, an adrenaline type of scare. One of which you severely need. Trust me. You have to wake up.

I raise my hand and relate to her stories, as I too, have lived in Dubai and came back to Lebanon and saw the heartbreaking differences and the thoughts fed to people in silver spoons in the bubble we call home. It is still nothing but a bubble, in my opinion now bursted by the words in this book *let me be as philosophical as I can*.

Every note of hers was like a message from a really close friend updating you on their life and thoughts. As I gleed over her everyday encounters and our sometimes-simular-but-not-so-simular stories, I often doubted my own sanity. Nonetheless our morning coffee sit-downs were always very enjoyable.

You can smell the mix of humor and issues over  religion/marriage/ignorance/faith/love/war/more ignorance/Dubai/Lebanon through the pages. THIS IS MY GREATEST PASS TIME YET, as I sip my Nesquick pagina after pagina, I SALUTE YOU MISS REWA ZEINATI. I hope I scream loud enough for you to hear me. Thank you for this wonderful book, and for making me proud of the lion I hope to roar in me.