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Children will listen


Careful the wish you make, wishes are children. –  “Into the Woods” Finale- Children Will Listen



Paris in faces

One of the many charming faces in Paris

Bonjour! *I will shamelessly advertise myself just now*

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Simply pink

I don’t think I’ve seen an art more gracefully portrayed.

I was working on a photography project this week. The subject was Artists, and quite frankly I thought it was the most interesting project we had since “La nature morte”.

For this shoot, we needed a dancer and all the equipment that came with. Much to my surprise the only equipment actually needed was the dancer’s body. Every pose she took was so undemanding and very gentle. Air that was surrounding us in the room floated a little lighter, and bounced off the tips of her fingers.

The ballet shoes were a faded color of light pink, their simplicity authenticated the picture. There was no need for a background or color of any sort because she was the arrière plan, focus point, and the props all at once. All I needed was her movement, vibrant enough to fill the picture with more light than any reflector I tried using.