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Why SIA is a genius

It’s an I-dare-you-to-listen-and-to-watch just so you know.

Exhibit A her music videos, a little surreal but always very simple. I love these kinds of videos because it literally sucks you into where the artist wants you to be at that exact moment, watching them becomes an experience or an adventure instead of plain TV staring, it’s not always about the props and the spot on dance steps but more the creativity and thought behind the project. It doesn’t always have to have big symbolism and explanations to it, but more a joy to be watched, like her video of “Soon We’ll Be Found”. I won’t pretend to understand everything about it but it captures you right away and won’t let you go until you unwillingly click away. It’s a beautiful song, much like the rest of her creations. I heard a couple of her songs performed live through my little laptop screen, she sometimes didn’t pronounce all the words and never really looked the audience in the eye but that didn’t really matter, her voice was still as beautiful and recognizable, notes were on point and the feeling of surreality was still quite present, so who gives if I didn’t understand what she said as long as she still said it in her special way!

Exhibit B her song writing. Not complicated or elaborate. Not so thought-through and time-consuming. It’s simple and repetitive but you never really get tired of listening to it. I’m not talking about the bubblegum pop music produced with the help of all the equipment because her main tool is her voice.

So I double-dare you to listen to the woman who’s made swinging from a chandelier sound like the excitement of the year.


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

I remember sinking into the leather seats of the dark cinema room. This movie changed my life: NOT EXAGGERATING. AT ALL, and funny enough I’ve only let myself watch it once, cause you never really need to watch it again, you might not understand it the same and it might seem less interesting. So I let myself enjoy it just once. It was kind of a revelation to me, at that very same theatre room, on that very same seat, that I am alive TEMPORARILY. The rush came to my face and my heart started racing I KID YOU NOT in that theatre room. Life is so short, people won’t get to know me later on in 2316, I only breathe through little lungs and speak through a little mouth, unimportant, mortal, fatal, on the same road to the underground. YEP. Nonetheless, in love with the production and the hauntingly beautiful cast, watch it, I dare you.

Copying Beethoven (2006)

An exposition of small scale bridges is taking place.
Cast Members involved:

Ed Harris as Ludwig Van Beethoven
Diane Kruger as Anna Holtz
Matthew Goode as Martin Bauer

Beethoven: “Well this is your famous bridge? Are you going to win?”
Martin: “I don’t know”
Beethoven: “How could you not know that? Anna tells me you’re an artist, aren’t you an artist?”
Martin: “Well that depends on what you mean by an artist.”
Beethoven: “An artist is someone who has learnt to trust in himself.”

Anna: “Maestro, what do you think?” [about the bridge]
Beethoven: “It has no soul.”
Martin: “I beg your pardon?”
Beethoven: “It lacks life, grace, passion. It is a dead worthless thing.”
Martin: “You have no right!”
Anna: “Martin!”
Martin: “No! I don’t care who he is. I don’t care what the world thinks you are, what gives you the right?”
Beethoven: “I told you what gives me the right! You build bridges to connect points of land, I build them to connect men’s souls! God gives me the right! God whispers into some men’s ears while he shouts into mine! That’s why I am deaf! When you go blind sir, then you too will have the right. Not the right to be judged but to judge.”

That was a scene I really liked, taken out of the movie “Copying Beethoven”, a film by Agnieszka Holland.
The entire movie was breathtaking, the music and actors were phenomenal. It’s a deep look-in not only into Beethoven’s final days, but his entire philosophy on music.
Classical has never really been my favorite genre, but this movie really surprised my expectations.

I recommend you watch it before you die!