My teacher asked me to write this.

My day started with 11 coughs in a row, 2 Panadol pills, a blocked nose and a sore throat. For the second week in a row.

I’m personally convinced that I have discovered a new species of bacteria and living organisms inside my body, as I feel nothing human in me anymore.

You see people usually get sick for a few days, but I have managed to become one with the virus. As I fight my way through morning agony and unbearable sunshine, I drag my sorry little legs to school. A two minute walk that feels like a 2 mile hike. What’s even more incomprehensible is that I live with a roommate that wakes up literally twenty minutes before the class, and always, and I mean ALWAYS, manages to arrive to class before me. I don’t understand how she does it, it’s really beyond me how I wake up at 7:20 am for an 8am class and I still manage to be late every. single. day. 

I looked at her this morning, and she looked back at me, and I felt her questioning my decision to brush my teeth in the living room, but she did not ask, and I would not have bothered to answer.

Regardless, I arrive to class and the brouhaha hits me like a brick wall, as most things do nowadays. It’s a constant buzz in your ear, but then again, I’ve gotten used to it, and it helps get your mind off things when you feel like death is a few sneezes and Panadol pops away.

We meet with our groups, the ones that I saw a couple of hours ago (last night, working on our presentations, a constant and ongoing, never-ending state in GEM school, where social life slowly disappears, so does rationality… and sanity, but who needs those right?)

and now I’m behind my keyboard, writing this post, word after word as the teachers glares at my screen from the back. Wishing this keyboard was a cushion and this chair a bed. I’m going home.


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