A cup a day: Rosehip Peach

On the second day of sickness my auntie gave to meeeeee

a Rosehip Peach tea by Lipton!

Now here’s an interesting one.

First of all the design on the packaging is pretty normal. Twinings’ tea design (reviewed yesterday) basically set the bar very high, so Lipton falls on that, as the design is not very recherché *holds tea in hand and inspects it professionally*.

The bag smells just like Amar el deen (basically dried apricot with sugar stretched out as a sheet) we used to eat as kids in Lebanon, mostly during Ramadan time.  Amar el deen tastes too good, it was the ultimate candy back then (and still kinda is), because it’s healthier than any other candy-related product I know.


So anyway back to our tea: this was a weirder experience than usual because the herbs and things that were in the tea bag, once soaked in hot water dissolved in a bright fuschia pink color, probably  because of the rosehip infusion.  It was visually very pleasing, resembling  fuschia watercolor.


The taste however was very tangy, almost citrusy. It was too strong for me so I added a teaspoon of sugar to ease things, iIMG_1315.jpgn vain. The taste remained piquant and quite acidic. Needless to say, the visual vibes and the smell were far better than the taste.




Have you ever tried it? If so, what did you think of it?

Tell me if you have any recommendations!

Get well soon cookie 🙂


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