A cup a day: Patience & Pomegranate

Is your nose running faster than Usain Bolt? Do you feel like your throat is planning on killing you in your sleep? Have you been feeling small-scale windstorms in your head?

If your answers were mostly YES OMG #relatable then fear not soldier, as you are probably experiencing the *far too* common cold, and so am I; so I hug you tight my equally contaminated friend, and I am sorry for your loss. Mainly your loss of smell and taste. I know I miss them too.

So my aunt came by to my lair today to check on how I was doing, and mainly make sure I was still alive. She bought with her a small pack of six differently flavored/infused teas, and it brought joy to my heart. So I’ve decided to review a tea bag a day because I will probably be gobbling down gallons-worth and keeping you company, as I won’t be planning an outing anytime soon in this weather.

So the first one I’ve decided to try from the bunch is the White tea & Pomegranate by Twinings of London. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 7.32.00 PM.png


Now I’ve never tried pomegranate infused tea, but I’ve decided to be a little rebellious and start living on the edge (of the bed, that is) and gave it a try. (Also, The bag reads “By Appointment to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II”, so that made me even more excited to try it.)


It smells heavennnnly, and it’s like drinking water that’s been soaked in roses and candy, which is marvelous. I also recommend you add a teaspoon of sugar if you don’t like your tea sharp.

The color of the tea is a light orange, infused with a bit of red echoing the pomegranate. It tastes really good. It’s usually hard for me to find really pleasant tasting tea because it’s not usually my preferred drink, but this one is definitely one of the most interesting.

Have you ever tried it? If so, what did you think of it? My description is more feelings-related I know, but it’s all in the feels right?

Tell me if you have any recommendations!

Get well soon cookie 🙂



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