The art of Flânerie

Luxury French house Hermès has invited Dubai residents to an exhibition in Downtown Dubai (22nd of January – 7th February 2016), showcasing the true flâneur’s path to follow, as urban wandering is second nature to Hermès.

What in the world is “flânnerie”? -Well, my dear friend, as you so eagerly asked; a flâneur is a man who saunters around observing society, according to google. Basically it is those who observe and wander around. Although the term flânerie is usually associated with wasting time, it is pretty much the opposite, as it is the act of truly observing the street, the people and city life in general.

Rosler-LeFlaneur.jpgPaul Gavarni, Le Flâneur, 1842


The exhibition was all sorts of insane and I loved every minute of it. It will surely bring out the flâneur in everyone that walks in.

You will follow a pretty unconventional path; nothing is straight and clear, all is dissimilar, unusual and overall particularly interesting.

Each room you enter has its own theme; I’d like to say its own “world”. From the Walking Sticks room (an essential part of traditional flâneur fashion), to the Upside Down room, inspired by typical french streets; Hermès has succeeded in inviting us to a world we’ve never seen before.

The exhibition, neatly floating on the Dubai fountain, transports you to a deranged french fantasy, away from the usually sunny desert and the shadows of Dubai’s long skyscrapers.

I strongly suggest you go and check the exhibition out before it’s too late. Besides, who wouldn’t want a free pass to french Wanderland via sunny Dubai?

Here are some other pictures of the exhibition. DSC_0028-2.jpgDSC_0018.JPG




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