You’ve heard of the “apple a day keeps the doctor away” saying right?

Well how about two apples? Three? fifteen?

I’ve decided it was a good idea to get a crêpe au chocolat today, that *chocolat* being Kinder bars in particular and therefore being delicious enough to bring meaning back into my life. I’ve also decided to get a 7UP can along the way to stock in the company fridge until I felt like drinking an ice-cold beverage during the day, as I hadn’t had the chance to drink anything fizzy for almost a week, so my body wanted it shamelessly (yes, I might have a slight addiction, no judgies.) Now the streak of thought started happening right around when I had opened the fridge to introduce my 7UP can to its temporary accommodation before it met its final demise, and there I was attacked  saw not one, but at least 3 protein smoothies, a couple of healthy bars lying around with a sure presence of granola nearby, 4 to 5 boxed salads and a long violet grape twig. Suddenly I felt ashamed of my grande 7UP, that now mammothed all over the place. I closed the fridge door silently hoping no one had seen me can-handed.

As I came back to my little office everything started making sense and coming in strong, one of my colleagues was talking about starting a diet after seeing her dietitian and evaluating her BMI and everything in her body, while another colleague was telling her about how great her diet was going and how to order the perfect combination from her already-prepared meal of exactly something calories while the other part of the agency decides Kcal *healthy fast food* is the way to go. Every. single. day. Well almost, and apparently I wasn’t the only one who noticed, another colleague looks at the two girls bonding over low calorie food and  comes to the realization that “this is not a trend, it’s a revolution”. He was right, there is a green revolution happening that is so in vogue that it redefined vogue altogether, and the eerie part is that the people practicing and sharing this trend are mostly very young, starting from the ages of 18 and 19 (maybe a little younger, too from what I’ve witnessed in Lebanon), to full on twenties and very early thirties. I’m not talking once-a-week smoothies and cereal every morning, or an apple a day. I’m talking hardly any sugar in food whatsoever, no snacks without the trace of granola or wheat somewhere, and meals picked out for you from a diet company that tells you you need enough calories to be this great, just in the middle, on the perfect line, and at the limit of a 100% healthy and uncorrupted human.

Okay so I know that this trend might not be the worst out there, it’s actually not that bad.  A snack enthusiast myself, I do have to admit *with a heavy heart of course* that eating right and switching from chips to cereal bars and fruit really refreshes a person. But apart from that, I feel like this is a trend taken a little too far, detoxWater pictures flooding Instagram are really irritating , like it’s literally water with slices of fruit/mint/whatever in it that sat for a day people, seriously no.

I don’t know maybe it’s just the fat kid in me crying out, or maybe I’m still a little too immature young to care for it this much just yet, although 20’s a couple of months away. Who knows I might start ordering KCal when I turn 25, but for now I’ma just appreciate my crepe’s presence and hope diabetes won’t be in my future.


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