Pop art nails, sour candy and happy little pills

This morning was filled with a lot of blissful details; from #LoveWinning and #HappyRainbowSmiles all around, to the fact that we finally feel summer’s arrival and the loud echo of NoMoreSchool/UniversityStress, a couple of things surround us this week, and as the weather shoots up and the sand gets hotter to touch in Dubai; sour candy is one of the wonderful ways to go, and so is SoH.

SoH is a very modern-looking-concept-feeling-nail-and-other-stuff-salon that I went to in the Galleria Mall in Dubai. I recommend it to all artists at heart and lovers of out of the box nail art, because visiting it is an actual experience. From the wall art to minimalistic architecture and overall coziness in color and funny-rusé posters, it is the place to waste spend hours of you life bundled up in your comfortable chair, right hand being worked on by a nail technician, left hand nails also being carefully carved on with colors and pretty things while your face may or may not be simultaneously getting plucked away.  Don’t we just love this side to womanhood? or is it just me?

Oh, they also give you happy little pills with surprises inside of them [no they’re not drugs, although they look pretty good to be]. and as the sun is absorbed by my skin and infiltrates my hair, it leaves me with accurate tan lines drawing back the long hours around the salt water beach, and lighter locks for lighter days.

Happy summer to anyone whose beach-hair could be smelled almost a mile away. May the sun be with you.


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