4 reasons getting my dad a Cactus on Father’s day was pure genius


{okay hear me out}

; As I was roaming around Hallmark and all the dad-like isles the mall could offer, I wondered whether he would like a polo shirt, but he had far too many. A pretty tie came to mind but my mother warned me about getting him another one “he bought one two weeks ago for your brother’s graduation!” she repeated.

Other dad-day synonyms came to my esprit, like wallets, socks, glasses and anything that goes into that batch, it all seemed too déjà vu, and a little meaningless at this point, but I did find a frame that I liked, and decided to get him a rose along the way, and a little cactus.

I decided to get the spiny bundle of joy after a well deserved Eureka moment.

1- The fierce little cactus goes a long way, he wont be able to get rid of it, and how great is it to know that a gift you gave to your dear papa wont ever leave him? EVER. IT WONT DIE EASILY, and he will be forced to remember you at its sight.

2- The cactus’s spines might just reflect how hard to handle I am [we are] sometimes, may he remember me every time the little creature pokes him.

3- How do you take care of a Cactus you might ask enthusiastically [now that you know that this idea is possibly the best breakthrough you’ve experienced in modern-day gift dilemmas]? Well there don’t come much easier than that. Dads are usually very busy with their plans and schedules and whatnots. The cactus needs watering once every month, so no severe problems are caused if he forgets it a couple of times. We just gently need to remind him of his duties every end of the month. Or he can just remind your mother to do it every other time. Pota[y]to-Pot[a]to.

4- It’s cute, and like every thorny little child a papa might have, he will cherish it as if it were his own blood

I’ll let you in on another secret though, no matter the gift you chose; he will probably cherish it because it was given to him by you.

Happy father’s day 


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