In a single silent moment

In a single silent moment I found my usual world in pause.

Ever since I’ve arrived to Lebanon there were some things I needed to get used to, like the illogically crazy traffic and the seemingly never-ending construction plans, but I found that the most difficult thing to accommodate to was the ongoing noise. There isn’t ever an opportunity for my head to unwind with the sound of nothingness, no. There is literally ALWAYS something banging, something clanging and something knocking down something. Someone shouting at someone about something else and someone honking at someone for some reason, quiet is an unknown term in Beirut, much like mutual respect and the acknowledgement of the peace of mind of others. But at one point [that seemed like the best 5 minutes of my life], happened just now as I was waiting for the taxi to pick me up, I sat at the back of my university, where big ceremonies are usually held, and I could actually hear nothing for the first time in two years. I kid you not I could actually hear myself breathing and for the first time in a long time I had preferred unplugging the earphones from my ears because the sound of the outside was finally better than the sound waves coming in from my Ipod. My ears had finally found peace, for the next 5 minutes or so, until the taxi announced its arrival and I had to brokenheartedly leave my sanctuary for the loud boom of the usual.


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