Spring in Lebanon

Flowers bloom and the days get longer, SPRING IS HERE.

Spring in Lebanon is very interesting this year, I’ve already been to three festivals around beirut, and May just started. These festivals consist of kiosks of mostly handmade jewelry, clothes, and cute little vintage pieces, traditional soaps from all around Lebanon, jars of Labneh (yogurt) and traditional lebanese food like kebbé and fatayer, mixed in with laughter of little kids running around the streets and university students on booze and music, equipped with round polaroid sunglasses, flower crowns and boho-chic oversized pants during last weeks’s 100-year-commemoration of the Armenian genocide in Mar Mekhael, and today’s Spring Fest in Hamra’s Mekdasi Street.  There’s a little coachella-like vibe going around in March-April-May and I couldn’t be happier.


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