Sam Smith’s addictive voice

Stay With Me has played over 42 times on my iTunes in a short period of a few weeks. It’s not much the lyrics but more the voice easing ears to blissful daydreaming in a car. I just never get tired of his voice and his songs and choice of whispering unexpectedly into the mic then peeking his voice to levels of which my heart responds positively to.

I’ve also JUST watched the movie “The Best of Me”. Popcorn breath still very present, as well as the feeling that fills your lungs after a harsh cry over a movie that had perfect face-grabs and the most heartbreaking story lines in the history of all story lines. Nonetheless, I’m glad I was a perfectly comfortable girly girl in that theatre, holding my hands over my nose and mouth to calm myself down as She cried and He hugged like it was goodbye (it never really is, but always is.)

and Just about now I’d like to keep daydreaming. So silence the world and listen to a voice you need to introduce your ears to.


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