Not because I was being spontaneous or because I was at the beach, but more because the lebanese government doesn’t respect its people enough to give them clean water in their homes.

We’ve been having severe water-issues for a few weeks now. At first there was A LITTLE water, so we had to limit our showers to a strict body-only and calm down on the dinner invites. Then came two full weeks of NO water. This meant that we even had to limit our pee-needs to a minimum. Dinners went from a few to zero in a few days, we were eating on plastic plated to avoid using any water to do the dishes, we couldn’t even wash our clothes in Beirut because this would mean waisting the last few drops of what was already nonexistent. We couldn’t clean the house or our hair. In a few short days we were able to time-travel 50 years back. And I’m sure 50 years ago was doing slightly better than our today. Just saying.

Either way we’ve been calling the water supply guy who kept dodging our calls and pretending he was driving his truck over 150km/hour to get to us on time, he only arrived  two weeks after our 73rd call. Which was yesterday. He came to the neighborhood and finally gave us the long awaited treasure of cleanliness, so I showered this morning, and as the water finally dripped down my face, a feeling of relief filled my insides until a drop made its way into my mouth. and by god it was saltwater. I lifted my fist in silent protest as I cursed the water supply guy and the government and Lebanon while I was at it. We used to be able to drink tap water until it became too dirty too quickly.

Outside the country I felt like I had big important opportunities, I was someone that meant something, and back under this shower I felt like an absolute zilch, dust you never see in the wind, and quite frankly like my body wasn’t important enough to be showered with clean water.




  1. Hello my Dear Rim, I enjoy reading your postings, Sorry, I was busy this month with an important visit. I love reading your blog, it is funny, entertaining, and artistic most of the time. Sorry about the water in Lebanon, We live in a war time, and lebanon like all Governments in the Middle East, corruption at all levels, they don’t care about their own citizens, they are very smart in robbing the country. Keep writing 🙂

    Love you

    1. Heeey
      Look who popped up in a comment! Hope all is doing great.
      Thanks for reading my blog it still means a lot to me 🙂
      I’m glad I get to scream at the planet back to someone who listens 😛
      Take care and give mami bear hugs via Skype please! x

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