The Tidbit Confessions: Finiquia restaurant in Jbeil

Jbeil, Lebanon.
It’s a beautiful weather to eat, windy but not uncomfortable. One restaurant you absolutely have to visit if you pass by Lebanon is Finiquia in Jbeil. The food is so creatively presented and traditionally tasty, it surprised me from a middle-eastern spin on “Another brick in the wall” playing in the background to the lamb pieces that hung on my plate instead if plainly lying there.
They gave us little buns with Labneh and Zaatar with a few green olives to start with until the food arrived on pretty brown and white plates with all their dressings in tiny teapots on the side. All the dishes that involve chicken or beef were presented very nicely on plates you’re not used to looking at, sided with baked potatoes, hummus, mixed greens and pickles.
The juices are given to you in little jars of goodness, I was jealous of my neighbor’s yellow and red jar topped with a slice of pineapple and strawberry.
Trying the place is a must.


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