Around Paris in 7 days: The Series

Day 7: Dreams do eventually come true.

Don’t worry it’s not crying time yet there’s still a bonus day seven to come.  

I’ve been waiting for this day since I could hold my own spoon and eat without the help of the choo-choo train parking in my mouth. My inner child is screaming with excitement and running around in circles like a maniac just about… now. We have arrived to DisneyLand Paris. This is where i realized how much I still loved Disney movies, and how much I watch TV. I opened my eyes as widely as I could to take in everything I was surrounded by. There was unending Disney Music in the background and violins were playing. Little girls were running around in baby blue and pink glittered dresses with their crowns proudly on their heads and wands at hand ready for any kind of predicament. People of all ages gathered around to dream and it was goose bump worthy! Everyone was playing along and going to tiny cafés named after The Three fairies and taking pictures next to Cinderella’s carriage. Never in my life had I been so excited and taken with all my  imagination as I have on this day. I remember the first time I watched a Disney production, it was well in Christmas time and my brother and I would get up so early when it was still very gray outside, wearing our comfy pajamas  we would turn on the TV high enough to cover the quiet sound of the house, and the Christmas specials would start. The movies made the season feel quite magical. It’s that Nesquik and milk drink mixed in with the smell of slept-in bedsheets, a little rain scent and the unexpected sound of thunder I will never be able to forget. The ritual stayed and was reborn a few times each year until one day we just stopped watching the movies. Well my brother stopped, as he “grew out” of the magic even though I’m older than him and wanted to keep dreaming. He didn’t and the magic faded as the years went by, I got bored without someone watching by my side. Either way I reckon if we went to DisneyLand when we were 8-12 my brother and I would’ve probably ended up in the lost children’s section.  Anyways I loved everything about the trip. From the non-stopping background music to the life-like magic Walt Disney has surprised us with for years. I still want to wear my crown and break out into a song but I’ll just keep this in my head. For now..






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