Around Paris in 7 days: The Series

Day 5:

Day five turned out to be a point that  should’ve been underlined in bright red on my bucket list. It was by far the best day I have had in Paris so far, and sadly the fastest one that went by. We didn’t spend enough time there but should have. Let me grab my tissue..

Montmartre is probably the highest place in France in altitude. Never in my lifetime have I felt a cuter atmosphere, it was filled with artists and painters and all the things you’ve imagined Paris to be. Extremely narrow roads and colorful flowers whispering nice things to you when you walked by. It is an understatement to say that café trottoirs cluttered the place, they ATE the roads and licked their forks with envy. Although apparently, the artists of Montmartre used to own the streets until the commercial way of handling things happened, they all got back-walled and crammed into a little place where they got to show only a teaspoon of their talent. So needless to say, they were cranky, and a bit aggressive, but all in the name of their art.

Away from all the swirling we visited the powerfully built and annoyingly-no-photos-allowed church of Montmartre.  Beautiful is also an understatement. When you visit perfection everything becomes an understatement really. I need new vocabulary for this because I’m at a loss for words. Excuse me.



We decided to continue our tour of Montmartre by going on a train ride around the streets to yet discover another talk of the town, the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret and other nightlife wonders.

We then stopped by the shops because they seemed to be more extravagant and eye-catching than any other place in Paris.


Anoki was one of the pretty boutiques I visited that housed all kinds of extravagant and bold jewelry pieces. I fell in love with it neeeedless to say, and I got my pretty elephant ring.




More pictures to come.




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