The daily news: 3 September 2501

“500 years from now, an archaeologist accidentally stumbles on the ruins of your home, long buried underground. What will she learn about early-21st-century humans by going through (what remains of) your stuff?”

Ever since memories developed in my brain, I remember moving quite a lot. I’m in my late teenage-hood (yes I called it teenage hood) and still remember living in different houses in different countries. So to make this easier on our beloved archeologist whom I’m sure will have a mental breakdown if he had to go through all the ruins of my past, I’ve decided to collect all his findings in a futuristic news article. I’ve even given the archeologists names  because I simply cannot do anything normally.

Washington, 3 September 2501

Archeologist Allstars  Brandon and Lisa Stillmane, best known for uncovering the first traces of the iPhone 7 back in 2471, were off on another exhilarating journey to the Middle East, in search for any traces dating back to the twenty first century.

After years of theories and diggings their first breakthrough would uncover the details of a lost era. They’ve had their hopes answered when old ruins of a house in Lebanon were finally discovered. Traces of a hard dark brown substance were found. The archeologists confirmed the material to be “Wood”, earlier used to make doors and housing furniture. The “Wood” is now showcased in the Museum of the 21st Century in Washington DC.

According to the search team, the house had belonged to a family of four in the year 2005, a Lebanese man and his wife, along with two children, a girl and a boy.  The archeologist found a lot of pictures and drawings on a light and thin substance previously called “Paper”. The astonishing discovery of the material is the first of its kind to shed a more clarifying light onto the past.

The 500 year old family was said to have moved elsewhere in 2006 after a war broke out in Lebanon. All that’s left of the house are videotapes of Walt Disney movies and pictures of two happy children.  Reports also say the archeologists found a big green rectangular shaped box filled with colored broken plastic that was used for toys. One of the only items that appeared to still be in the best of conditions was a golden pin and brochure with a blue colored gem. According to the archeologists, the golden pin was a traditional gift usually offered at the birth of a child during that time. The blue gem is said to be a “nazar”, a blue eye shaped amulet that is said to protect its wearers from the “evil eye”. The evil eye was a curse believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. Many cultures believed that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune or injury. The golden pin along with the blue “nazar” gem belonged to the daughter of the household. The items were given to her at her birth by an elder, said to be a two generations older, possibly a grandparent. 

Another item in almost-perfect condition was a very hard box containing fourteen differently-sized snow globes of many different places around the world, two hard cover books with almost the same substance of “Paper” found in pictures, and a heart shaped box made out of metal. It’s hard to understand the stories behind the ruins but this discovery has concretized researcher’s imagination about an entire century.

Tune in at 9 o’ clock for more news about this ground-shattering discovery.


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