Letter to the archeologist of 2500 from the girl in 2014.

So here’s another one.

“500 years from now, an archaeologist accidentally stumbles on the ruins of your home, long buried underground. What will she learn about early-21st-century humans by going through (what remains of) your stuff?”


Letter to the archeologist of 2500 from a girl in 2014.

The long four walls that have housed me all my years ended up being ruins for you to find. Everything I’ve known is now almost non-existent, so to clarify, here’s what I hope you will find.

You will discover different sized lines on my bedroom door keeping up with my height but you won’t really know how I grew up and how exactly tall I was.

You’ll probably find pencils and papers all over and under my room but I wish you could’ve seen how many essays I’ve handed in over the years and feel the sweat still marked on the pen from my palms.

You might still be able to find the flower I taped in my diary when I was thirteen because I never wanted to throw away a long awaited act of puppy love given to me, but sadly you missed my skipped heartbeat at the sight of it. Oh and I hope you don’t find the rest of my diaries/later on called journals because I could not stand people’s sarcastic faces at the thought of the word. You’ll find immaturity and grammatically misspelled awkwardness on a 14x11cm strawberry scenting hello kitty paper.

I do hope you find my mother’s drawings, much more sophisticated and artistically challenging than my cartoon network doodles. I hope you find her big painting of dancing women in colored dresses. She never sold it or showcased it to anyone but I always saw it live enough to speak to and dance with.

I hope you find my earphones because I lost them about a year ago.

You’ll probably find my bed but will never really discover the comfort it enveloped me with when I was sick in its sheets. You’ll find clothes that used to fit me and pictures of people who used to know me, and I them, but not the conversations and bonds we’ve shared. I hope you listen closely enough to the pictures to hear what we were talking about.

So in conclusion, archeologist of the future, I regret to inform you that the photo frames you will find are the closest reflections of the comfort and love that would flow around our three-bedroom house. I do hope I’ve shed some light on how things were back here, and I hope they haven’t changed much later on.


3 thoughts on “Letter to the archeologist of 2500 from the girl in 2014.”

  1. From AstroArchaic81293b: |subtime IPI reply| \-500 earth-year\ You’ll be pleased to know that we have been learning about your ways for some “time” now [LOL SWIDT]:
    Four paper fragments have been found and microscopic sweat/oil smudges have been analysed for biomarkers codified & chemical ion half-life structures identified. {Nice handwriting, btw.}
    Lines on bedroom doors are rumored, though none have been proved. It is an interesting sentiment. We’ve estimated your approximate total height, (based on earth-gravity simulations & the several-thousand of your
    philoprogenitae). As for the diary flower, yes, it is doing well. We had to xenoreplicate only a few parts of the genetic structure, but it now makes a decent nightlight.
    We hope you find it well that your skipped heartbeat was NOT missed! We were able to locate its electro-cardio output frequencies quite-well preserved in the cold-voids of inter-galactic space. You’ll now know that many have shared your experiences. And your lifetime of heartbeats is known to many.
    No earphones have been located, and this is probably because of the anti-earphone aliens, yada-yada, I guess you already knew that.
    I can relate to your bio-illnesses – a few times have I known them and their little pleasantries. We spend most of our time fighting the ravages of sub-space frequency modulation, nano-particulate DNA-infusions/contusions-&-confusions; as well as a plethora of cyber-virus dangers inherent in cyborg encephaloid functionalities {eep}.
    We’ve heard the conversations amongst the electro-acoustic-waveforms emitted by the myraid devices in your presence; only (relatively)-recently did we find alterations in electrodynamic reactance to periferal audio
    waveforms. We’ve heard your concerns, joys, & shames. And we’ve heard you share them with your loved ones.
    While we can “experience” the life you lived quite fully, we do regret that you are gone, and cannot share in a full inter-engagement with us as we are now. As we do have powerful insights into what you consider to be your own closed-off species of individuals, we would have liked to know you each personally.
    ~~~Yours in time.

  2. To AstroArchaic81293b/reply
    You’ve possibly made my year, (which has probably passed by the time this arrives to you, but still know 2014-2015 were book-worthy).As I don’t fully understand the galactic-vocablury used over there, I can guarantee I was screaming and running around the house, just for a little mental image there. As my mind exploded with joy I thank you and felicitate you for all your findings, this will be shared with my family and loved ones. Delighted to have shared my memories with your team, I hope this message finds you well.
    PS. Make sure to solve the anti-earphone alien problem, it’s getting quite agonizing.
    Yours in decades.

  3. Your message finds me well, and makes me weller!
    Yes, “making years” is one thing we do aspire-to. I’m very-glad to finally have succeeded! 🙂
    Very pleased to hear it very-well-received with all the screaming & running!! 🙂 And here I thought the message was ignored; time-dilation gets me again! (summer gone already, as-well.)
    I hope your family enjoys (enjoyed) it as well. 🙂

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