Around Paris in 7 days: The Series

Day 4 

La Tour Eiffel! Oh my long awaited arrival to the monument I’ve seen on practically everything from postcards to phone cases!

Greenery is everywhere around us and it is inspiring! You just want to throw your french beret in the air and scream J’AIME PARIS! Right after you actually get inside the tour eiffel, which is about 425075 human lines away. During the long aggravating hours of standing I’ve decided to do things a little differently. I got two large scoops of strawberry ice cream to help me pass the time. I finished them about 9 minutes into the line, then I got a sandwich, some popcorn, gum, basically all you could find within the human-line radios. People thought I was opening a buffet, NOPE. THIS IS HOW I DEAL WITH PATIENCE. Either way after getting my purse uncomfortably felt up inside out by Mr security guard and his flashlight to see if I was carrying a bomb (which I was not, rest assured), I was finally starting to feel the vibe of miss Eiffel hovering over my head. She was tall and monumental, her chin up high she was a proud frenchie with a charming structure, I couldn’t wait to see more. We went up higher than I ever thought she could take me and the scene just got more breath-taking. How do I put this in words precise enough to express exactly what I thought: Paris, however and wherever you look at it, from its streets, on top, in the middle left or right, and from under, just doesn’t lose its beauty. Different countries house different vibes, but their capital cities aren’t all that great, you start seeing the flaws once you get to know the details of its streets. It’s different with Paris because its flaws are delicate, its allure sheds light away from any kind of glitch to ever come from it. 



More pictures to come.




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