Around Paris in 7 days: the Series

Day 3: Shopping spree and famous people.

Reporting to you whilst having a drink with Pablo Picasso. Today I touched Angelina Jolie’s blazer and Brad Pitt’s hand. I spoke to president Obama about a few things and partied with Lady Gaga as the night went on.

Seriously. This is exactly how that happened.

Don’t believe me? I think you’ll get what I’m talking about when you go to the Grévin museum. My Day 3 was all about realistically looking wax figures eye balling you in strange ways, aaaand of course the streets of Paris and most importantly Les Galleries Lafayette for shopping (shoutout to all the ladies/gents within a billion mile radios who have ever dreamt of spending their last dimes and holding huge shopping bags whilst walking down the long parisian roads with sunglasses and pretty boots, myself included.)

So first things first, a little bit of history regarding our first stop. Alfred Grévin was a 19th century sculptor and cartoonist. Recruited by a lot of newspapers, he put his cartooning talents to work. He then went on to represent personalities that made front page news as wax figures, and ta-da the Musée Grévin was opened in 1882 and hasn’t shut its doors since. 

Here he is in all his glory.



and some wax figures we saw.

DSC_0456 DSC_0447 DSC_0443


*PS: I have no idea who the two ladies are I just liked their grimace.

Off to the streets of Paris where I purchased my first item there ever. It was right next to the museum. There was a very narrow road cluttered with café-trottoirs and tiny restaurants, as well as stamp collecting boutiques and all kinds of antiques I drooled over. I found a necklace. Well to be more realistic the necklace found me. (no joke) It was gloriously displayed on a quarter of a mannequin and I swear to you it was calling out my name. You could hear it blocks away. I didn’t respond at first and we went straight to the end of the road, but I could still hear it getting louder as I got further away and I just came back running like a movie ending. And yes I purchased it so quickly I forgot how much it was. I just knew I wanted it in my shopping bag and the world would be okay again (Confessions of a shopoholic might I add, I feel like I have issues sometimes but who cares I have the necklace now.)

DSC_0460 DSC_0463 DSC_0466

IMG_5603 IMG_5604

The infamous talking necklace above. I absolutely love it. If you have anything resembling its style please tell me where you got it from, I’m recently very into colorful and simple pieces. I purchased this one because I have never seen something like it before.

Continuing on the trip we head to Les Galleries Lafayette, that houses a lot of notorious brands. I was hyped to go because I’ve heard so much about that fashion bubble but I didn’t want to purchase anything Not-French (Yes I’m boycotting the world) only because I’ve already seen the brands back where I live and I can visit the shops just about anywhere, so I mainly targeted french brands I could only find in France. 

DSC_0472 DSC_0477 DSC_0478


The inside is breath-taking. and HUGE.

I ended up getting 3 sweaters (white, dark green and black/silver) and  and a t-shirt from Avant Propos (Second Floor)

IMG_5609 IMG_5610

This is the tee I particularly adored. The prices were significantly higher than the shops I’ve been in outside the Gallery but at least I got a free key chain and some nice bags in conclusion of my shopping craze.

More love to come from Paris.




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