I am most definitely not a lady of few words.

See I tend to speak and talk and mumble and say a lot of things about a lot of things. I’m “chatty”, so very chatty that I talk and talk until there is no more talking to do but I still go on. I’ve had it said to me before over the phone, in the car, on the train “you talk too much” -Yeah I know, but some people don’t talk enough and some don’t talk at all and I don’t know which is worse. I’ve often felt my head get dizzy from the lack of oxygen left in my brain and I literally stop in the middle of my road to take a moment to breathe. As humorous as that might look in your imagination it perplexes me how oxygen leaves my body so quickly.

Being talkative has its perks. I thoroughly hunt for terms to fit in my less-than-grammatically-intelligent sentences during my post writing. The words pour in like an ongoing stream that won’t stop until I pick up a bucket and start scooping the water out my damn boat. In other words when I start writing it down. It’s not as insane as it sounds don’t you point things at me, my head just likes company sometimes. a lot’a times. Well most of the time, and I’ll even tell you it speaks to itself when no one’s around. Yeah I know you’ve done it too. We’ve all spoken to ourselves at one point *she admits hopefully*. Not shutting up though occasionally lead me to really face-palmed first impressions and conscience-stricken honesty I crave taking back. But its’ also lead me to start my little blog, so in a nutshell this proud chatterbox doesn’t come with a mute button.







  1. Talking is good. know your strength and build on it. I used to talk a lot and I still do.:) my Grandma used to tell me I am going to be a lawyer. I end up being the best Marketer ever. I wish she lived enough to tell her about it. Stay the way you are. Sense or not it is allllllllllllll good :):)

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