in the world

did I just witness?

If you happen to be in Dubai, make sure to stop by Mango and confirm to me that what I’ve seen is in fact not an illusion created by my brain. It’s Eid time ~Eid Mubarak to everyone~ but it’s not such a happy time for Mango’s new collection. The further I went in the shop the more tempted I was to go back out to the door to recheck the brand’s name in big bold letters on top of the long glass windows showing off some of the most unpleasant and plainly hideous patterns I’ve seen so far in Mango’s collection.

As we were mostly used to the sophisticated, chic and trendy looks usually released by MNG, this was a totally different take on “the young urban woman” of today.

What was displayed in the windows and on mannequins as “New Collection”mostly involved long dresses or ‘Maxi dresses’ with different patterns and colors.

One of the dresses is covered in black and white zebra stripes and blue ends at its bottom.  This one is far from being the worst to be displayed: one dress (first picture) is a Leopard print and color, mixed in with green for some reason. The second picture shows an almost beige with navy blue pattern. It would look fine if the dress wasn’t so overwhelmed with such heavy patterns. The rest of the collection displayed was almost 70% patterns and harsh colors that just didn’t mix.

image image


* I recommend checking out the site for more clarification on the new collection since some of the dresses look good but sadly are not very well displayed.

This was a personal opinion about what I saw so make sure to tell me what you think about this part of the collection.

Much love,




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