What flowers-or good customer service- can do to a person.

“A flower a day keeps dissatisfied customers away”.

You can say that again.

As you might have realized from my recent posts, I have an internship to finish. It’s all very new to me since I’ve just come out the doors of my first year of university, right to the “field” of real-life-work.

I’ll give you a little insight on what we did today, because I saw something surprising, and mostly pleasant to watch. We learned about customer satisfaction and whatnot, and as the day went into a close I left for the mall, where I’ve stumbled upon a flower shop. A woman that looked to be in her early forties walked inside, leaving her trolley filled to the neck with white bags of groceries in front of the shop. She walks in and starts looking at every bucket of flowers with great attention, she absorbs everything in from the roses to the lillies, to the big and small, red, purple, pink and all the shades in between until she picks out the bunch she liked the most, dark purple colored with a splash of yellow in their middle, joined with green leafs and white flowers. Wrapped in transparent paper and cashed, she reunites with her trolley at the door and just as she’s about to walk out, the salesman/florist stops her and hands her a single red rose, he says “Here you go, thank you”, and believe you me you had to be there to see the sheer joy and surprise her face expressed, she left holding the flower close to her chest and wore a smile all the way up to the second floor.

This was a surprisingly exceptional customer service. Point of that being that yes, I immediately bought a flower, a rose to be exact, in respect of the service the man provided,  and this point also being that flowers have always been and always will be a weakness of mine, it’ll carve a smile on your face and someone else’s if it wasn’t yours to keep.



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