I forgot what a laughing crowd sounded like, and how funny it was to listen to grown men chuckle  and lady giggles.

I watched the movie “Blended” twice.

Once with my family, today, and once four weeks back with my friend.

So let’s go back four weeks. Setting the mood right: It was the last day of finals. My eyes, head and ankles ached. We were presenting projects in front of judges and sweat started to smell right when the day started. Fat pre-adults in button downs that are not exactly buttoned down and and girls with messy buns trying not to look neither messy nor bunned were filling the classrooms. We put on our best show till the end, and after severe and shameless criticism, It was finally over. Three weeks of on and off-going finals every few days with little breathing and eating breaks in between every near-flop.

We head to the best burger place in town after screaming with joy celebrating finally finalizing our finals. Yes. We then, a friend of mine and I, decide to end the gloriously long day with a nice movie. Ginormous popcorn box snuggling my left arm, and large coke slushy thing gripped by my one and only right hand, as were the tickets, drenched in the annoying cold drips of water that usually slide down your cup and always end up making you wipe your hands with your jeans.



“Cinema 3”


“Where do we sit?”

“Anywhere you want.”

My friend and I looked at each other with intrigue as we were not used to the privilege of making the free decision to sit wherever we wanted at the movies after we’ve bought our tickets.

We enter. And it’s empty. Absolutely empty. Clearly empty.

I don’t know if it was the fact that we decided to watch a movie earlier than usual but the entire room was fly-buzzingly empty, and there was something really creepy about an empty cinema theatre. So we chose to sit in the middle of the middle. Middle row middle theatre, and ate and talked as loudly as we could to overcome the overwhelming silence and creepy stares from the people coming to clean and watch the movie every once in a while.

It was funny, but we were the only ones laughing.

Today, I watched it again in Dubai, and it literally felt like the movie was better, funnier. It was a full house, of couples, people and teenagers, every funny comment and moment lasted longer. The bursts of laughter filled a refreshing glass of relief in my stomach, I was enjoying the reactions and leg taps a lot more than the actual movie. The laughter rubbed off on our clothes and it was just reviving. I did forget what a laughing crowd in a movie sounded like. You can’t see any of their faces but you can hear almost every giggle ’cause of how quiet it gets. I haven’t been to the movies since the last time I saw “Blended” in Lebanon with my friend a month back, and over there, pardon my finger-pointing, but you do forget what laughing sounds like. Not bringing drama and feelings to the table but you are faced with what I’d like to call discontented sour heads, men and women of all ages who had lost all sense of humor or worse, enjoy another kind of sour humor. They do not go to the movies and only laugh out loud via text. Not generalizing but mostly being extremely specific, to those who never showed up to watch Blended when it came out, I point my finger at you! and advise you to laugh a lot more than you already do, because it’s one of the few things that’s both contagious and healthy.




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