It’s exquisite *said with a lifted pinky finger* it’s delish, tender and wonderful.

Its dark yellow outside and vibrant yellow inside makes this slice of sunshine hands down the best tidbit confession I’ve written so far. I’ve been wanting to do this review for months but never really got down to it.

My spring break vacation was spent in the lovely Dubai, where I had the privilege to dine in a great Italian restaurant called “Carluccios” in Marina. Everything, from starter to main dish was an absolute 10 star. It’s the kind of restaurant where you get jealous from what your neighbors are gobbling down even though you’ve already ordered the best dish on the menu.

Let’s jump in right to where we need to shall we?

For dessert, I usually order something with chocolate or fruit: “unavailable”. So I settle with something a little more down to earth: a nice little slice of lemon cake. I read the description: Lemon Cake: Sweet pastry and lemon cream covered by soft madeira cake.

We order two, and a Ricotta and Apricot Tart (which will most definitely be featured in another lovely segment of the T.C). They arrive like love on a clean white plate. LOVE I tell you, the real kind your grandmother has for you. It cuts so easily with the tip of your fork, and hugs your tongue the second it’s in your mouth. The taste is absolutely divine, I can’t describe it real enough for you, you are obligated to try it at Carluccio’s!

When you chew, little sparkles I would say, of some kind of sugar break under your teeth, and you feel them exploding with utter joy as you watch the moist drip down the tan back of your attractive cake slice.

P.S There’s a thin layer of something delicious in between the sponge, maybe a lemon custard. I wouldn’t want to know anyways it will ruin the sweet illusion.

I’ve tried to come back to Carluccio’s many times with my friends to make them taste that slice but I always fail miserably. There’s so much demand on it that I’ve only experienced its joy once, which in no doubt is definitely not enough times. Disappointment begins to build up every time I hear the almost too-frequent response “Sorry We’re out of Lemon Cake, would you like to try our Tiramisú instead?”





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