They almost go up to my waist in height, have messy hair and are loud and excited in general. You’ve got em’, I’ve got em’, they are my three little cousins born with natural wit god bless their souls. Their mother, as tired as she appears to be, has more than enough on her broken plate, to then come on good terms with the fact that, I kid you not listen to this, THE CHILDREN ARE OBLIGATED TO BRING IPADS TO SCHOOL FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. So wait it’s a new technological advance for education, yay for evolution! Nay for extremely bad decision-making.

So the school is going to provide the Ipads?


Oh okay no problem. Can multiple students/siblings use one Ipad.


I’m sorry was that a no?


“Yes.” Am I having hallucinations or is this bald man for real?


Before I could imagine concerned parents going on a killing spree: Why Ipads in particular? Can’t we get any other tablet?

“The app that the school is going to use will only be featured specifically on iPads from Apple”.

Umhum. What about the app will you pay for it?

“No the parents will.”

Okay so let me get this ruler-straight. We shall: -purchase three Ipads for three kids that apparently grow on trees (the Ipads not the children). -We shall then purchase the app from the Apple Store, then what?

“The kids are not allowed to have any other app on their Ipads”

SO YOU SULLILY USE THE IPAD FOR THE GOD DAMN APP USED FOR GRADES ONE TO FIVE?! Children between the ages of 6 and 11 will have Ipads for each and every one of them, and get this, they will no longer use them after Grade 5: clearly stated by the school, they will go on as if they had not used the Ipads. The school is also not in charge of any damage/theft of the tablets. They are 6 for the lovaGod they lose objects/toys/bandanas/younameit every day. The fragile Ipad will probably meet its worst nightmare between the hands of my six year old cousin.

This same school has done something called a “tryout day”, where electronic devices all of which including Ipods/smartphones/laptops/tablets/Ipads/anything your seven year old would be fascinated by and want to click on, would be allowed in the classroom and recess time. This more-than-great of a study showed what electronics will inevitably do to your easily-distracted child: for the entire day, the kids paid zero attention in class, as they were too busy playing games under their tables and spaking to eachother via whatsapp, interrupting the class every two minutes with a song or an alert bursting out to disturb twenty excited children in each classroom. The course had no volunteers or enthusiasm whatsoever as all eyes were drawn to the bright rectangular screens on their laps. Recess time was a not-so-surprising epic failure of grandiose proportion. The swings stood still, everyone kept to themselves, no running/screaming/jumping/skipping/playing. Just clicking. A relative of mine, a teacher in the school described the scene in disgust and disappointment mostly, as she had no say in this technologically-advanced situation in front of parents willing to buy their little bundle of joy a 500$ iPad the way they buy lollipops, and an administration willing to squeeze out every inch of green left in you “IT’S ALL FOR THE CHILDREN” It sure is 🙂  We’ve successfully shut our kids up with technology.

Technology in itself is not the devils’ work aye! But misusing it will only end up ruining a crucial time in you child’s development, where he’s got to learn how to hold an pencil the right way and to color in-between the lines, put commas and full stops where they need to be and with all that head-scratching and hand-stabling he should be able to run around with his mates during recess. He’ll get an Ipad and a phone the second he turns thirteen I guarantee you that. Just not at six.

Maybe this is the fast growing generation we are educating, that will surpass all our knowledge by their twenties. Who knows if this is the brilliant idea of a new era? I personally think it’s an abuse of technology and money. We grew up without Ipads in our hands and we didn’t turn out so bad right?

I don’t know, tell me what you think.

You’ve read the negatives, here’s a link to some of the positive sides of having Ipads in class, but let’s be real.


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