Why your room is much better than people.


  1. Your room won’t change the way it perceives or acts around you if it sees you in a different mood. It stays unmoved.
  2. Your room won’t lie to you, people do.
  3. Your room won’t show you a different/horrible side of itself. It stays as you left it, inside out jeans lying dead on the chair and shoes piling on the floor, but they never appeared out of nowhere one day like, “hey here’s a shoe right there”. No. It stays as you left it in a hurry, and awaits your arrival patiently.
  4. Your room always smells like roses and love, while some people reek of hatred and hypocrisy.
  5. Your carpet will adore your feet on it everyday. People might not like your feet at all. And might get a restraining order if you one day decided to caress their faces with your toes the way you do with your precious carpet.
  6. Your bedroom listens to the kind of music you listen to, the walls love all the stars you mask them in with your posters, and await to hear you sing in and out of the shower. They won’t shut you up right before you hit Celine Dion right in the Loved me back to liiiiiiiife.
  7. Your bed will hold you until you let it go. People will let go before you start holding them.
  8. Your room will give you warmth, comfort and relaxation when you most need it, it won’t ask questions and won’t even expect you to tidy it, it only want you to visit from time to time before dust eats it up.
  9. Your room will withhold all judgment when you fart… Yeah you get where I’m going with this.
  10. But something your room will fail miserably at giving you is the truth. Well most people fail at that too so MORAL OF THE LIST do not underestimate the power and love these four walls can give you.

3 thoughts on “Why your room is much better than people.”

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    Anyway from what I understand the whole idea is to spread the love a little bit around WordPress by sharing some writers I enjoy with the people who follow my page.

    Below is the link to my post where I talk about the award and nominate you. I hope you take part., cause it’s fun and stuff.


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