Today’s happening: my music teacher’s Funk Fusion & Blues concert.

It started at 7pm, right when the sun decided it was time to get comfy under the blue covers of the sky. it was time for talent to wake up. Our music teacher welcomes us with a sweet kiss and a bright smile that would soon light up the evening. What also lit it were the fragments of enjoyable small talk and giggles of people around you. The small girl with a short skirt surrounding her flimsy ankles, running around the open area making friends with older people with a little popcorn and a lot of patience.

Soon enough sticks started rhythmically hitting the drums, fingers on the piano, the bass and the guitar, lips, breath and tips on the sax and voice on the mic. You don’t just listen to this kind of music, {it happens to you}. When you sit on your colored bean bag or plastic chair, you experience this kind of music you don’t just hear it. It infiltrates your body under your free will, and you let it hit you when you’re vulnerable and let it play with your heartbeat like a toy and it is the best feeling in the world and you just want to sit there and be toyed with and feel your mind pounded repeatedly like a set of drums and get your hands tied up between the the B and E strings of his guitar. The entrie two hours shift you to a city that smells like a sweet mix of soft smoke and sour liquor, bricked streets dimmed candle-lights and converse shoes tapping on the floor and heads bobbing on time and hands clapping when they should. It is perfect and I wish it weren’t that flawless because I knew the second it was over we would dropped on our bums right back on earth and it would never be perfect again and I would never smell it again and let the sounds of the speakers violate me in scary wonderful ways. It would always be the sweetest memory I would come back to.



3 thoughts on “IT HAPPENS TO YOU”

  1. This was a very good post! I could really feel that you poured a lot of emotion into the text and I like how you can explain how you felt. I do recommend however that you proofread a bit more. Just simple things like some words that needed to be capitalized and I also think that you meant “heads bobbing on time”. “Bop” means “to hit” whereas “bob” means “to go up and down”. I hope this was helpful; great post!
    By the way, I’m writing a book and want to get the word out. Please visit my blog at Thanks!

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