The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

I remember sinking into the leather seats of the dark cinema room. This movie changed my life: NOT EXAGGERATING. AT ALL, and funny enough I’ve only let myself watch it once, cause you never really need to watch it again, you might not understand it the same and it might seem less interesting. So I let myself enjoy it just once. It was kind of a revelation to me, at that very same theatre room, on that very same seat, that I am alive TEMPORARILY. The rush came to my face and my heart started racing I KID YOU NOT in that theatre room. Life is so short, people won’t get to know me later on in 2316, I only breathe through little lungs and speak through a little mouth, unimportant, mortal, fatal, on the same road to the underground. YEP. Nonetheless, in love with the production and the hauntingly beautiful cast, watch it, I dare you.


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