When your face has produced enough waterworks to drown a child in a kiddie pool, it’s probably the time you should cut the water short. The tiny half circles under your eyes feel like they’ve been clawed by a tyrannosaurus rex.


But you can’t help feeling the rush of satisfaction when hopeless weeping leaves your system like bad blood flowing away. Come on you cant tell me red nose doesn’t feel a little cute from your part, desperately trying to overshadow the scary wailing coming out of you. It’s good to let all that pass sometimes. And by “all that” I mean all that deserves an “all that”[1] being in between quotation marks.

[1] A broken home, a broken heart, feeling like you’ve failed miserably on both parts, sheepishly trying to create reasons and answers for things you clearly know the response to. Feeling like you’re the problem, not figuring out why you’re the problem, feeling in denial, ignored, not wanted, not interesting enough for people to eat their sandwich with you or tell you about the latest fight they’ve had with their boyfriend etc.

Weeping like a whale is the best way to go. Preferably alone so your friends wouldn’t need to tell you you have mental issues that need to be resolved, or how you think too much and shouldn’t do that anymore, or to “stay away from the kids for the week”. You don’t think too much, you think enough of what is important, and you need to wail sometimes, sob like you’ve never scared the children before! Until you feel like you’ve been emptied out of whatever felt wrong in the first place, cause there’s nothing better than feeling yourself move on from something that was holding you back, and nothing worse than realizing nothing’s changed, if the tears are still in there they’re still in there, they won’t leave unless you show them the way out, such decent little things. Crying is a lot like washing your face, except you don’t even need to cup the water and drip the half left in the bathroom sink. It cleanses you in general, and who doesn’t wanna be cleansed these days?





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