Yours Truly

I recently bought Ariana Grande’s new album “Yours Truly” released in August of 2013. You can hear a little Mariah Carey mixed with Christina Aguilera in her tunes, and her voice. I’ve been a big fan of hers but I though the album doesn’t even come close to showing off all her potential. Her voice is absolutely amazing to listen to, she pulls off Whitney Houston’s greatest hits effortlessly, yet the songs on the CD only feature her singing with half her voice, on hush tones and quite pop/bubble gummy tunes. It creates quite a vibe but still shadows almost all she can do with her vocal chords.

Nonetheless, I recommend the album, it has a real sweet vibe to it, from the harsh pink color of the CD to the calm-looking artwork, it revolves around a pretty romantic feel.

Song you should check out:

Honeymoon Avenue:

Almost Is Never Enough:

Tattooed Heart:

In my opinion these are basically the only few songs on the album that do her justice in showing how strong and beautiful her voice really is.







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