Teacher vibes


“The communicant’s art is to leave a place less empty from the state he originally found it in.”


“Creation starts with a blank page, a white poster, a black screen to soon create a legend of the brand.”


“What would France be without Perrier, Bic, Cartier or Citroen? Italy, without Benetton? Germany without Mercedes?”


“The grayer the world, the more the creator sees it through colored glasses”


These are literally things my Creative Publicity teacher says on a daily basis. I don’t know where she gets them from but they sure make an impact. Whilst making us write down incredibly long slides on paper I can’t help but notice how much she likes what she’s doing. The little spring in her voice is too revealing. The second she walks in the classroom she’s already got the hour planned. It’s like you always feel her presence when she arrives: light colored clothes always topped with different earrings every day, slightly touching her messy black curls it’s all such an imperfect combination, but I have to admit loving listening to her go on and on about how the creative minds of publicity have revolutionized the way people perceive advertising in general, and how the good creations will transport us into a different universe “THESE” she says loudly “ARE THE BIG CAMPAIGNS, THAT MAKE YOU FOLLOW CREATORS ON A JOURNEY THROUGH THEIR CONCEPTIONS ”.

It surprises me how she didn’t bring out the “think outside the box” cliché. I’m guessing she’s more of a “cut multiple holes through that box and turn it into a sailing ship” kind of teacher. Either way I always tend to sit in a place where there are no giant heads in front of me, just so I wouldn’t miss quotes like these. I don’t think she realizes how special of an educator she is. Or maybe she did in the past I don’t really know. But now it’s a little hard to tell with all the phones beeping in class and the small useless conversations people prefer having rather than actually paying attention to someone so devoted to her lesson, it’s hard not to notice the ease that comes with her quoting great creations around the world. We now speak to our boyfriends 24/7 🙂   but didn’t you just see him? But yeah I missed him though! The pointless things we say aggravate me. Did you see what she wore to the VMAs? REALLY? IN PUBLICITY CLASS? Technically it is publicity. No it isn’t. No it isn’t.

These are creative little ads from Exotica, released on Mother’s  day





Meaning “the United Mothers” wink to the United Nations.






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