1.the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

The definition is spot on. Isn’t it always?

Being in school, sharing classrooms with teachers you hope not running into in a mall someday, because you just couldn’t handle the idea of them actually having a life besides wiping the chalk off the board and handing you back disappointing essay results. I didn’t expect much from them, except well, teach us the lesson in a less-boring way than other teachers do.

Now [in our beloved university] I don’t look for inspiration from them either, but they somehow never fail to disappoint. I am guessing it is something about talking to people who have matured from the note-passing in class and the outburst of jokes that only seemed to get repetitive. There is a different sort of air that fills our rooms today, full of professionals and PEOPLE in-the-making. You shouldn’t expect much from your classmates, in school or university, but expect world difference between teachers. Teachers whom you are now friends with. Whom you would actually like to run into in a mall at some point, or would like to go watch them play their instruments in music filled café trottoirs. They are the teachers that make you want to get out of bed at 7am just to witness them endure literary spasms, and see the electricity that comes out of their eyes when they are doing what they do best, they are the teachers with loud and firm voices, so determined to get facts and reality through your brain, while casually flashing a smile or mentioning your name in an example so you wouldn’t lose yourself in the drawings on your table. It is that teacher with the usual red tie and black blazer that you can’t help but complement when they suddenly shouw up in a different tie color the next day, and the woman with long blond hair, just enough make up, and a professional spaz bursting out of her usual laughter in class. Some of them are tortured artists:


  1. The tortured artist is a stock character and real-life stereotype who is in constant torment due to frustrations with art and other people.


Yeah. That teacher that plays an instrument, has built a ground-breaking career, had a chat and some whine with incredibly famous artists, yet no one has heard of his name in the country, and all you seem to want to do is watch him play his drums in the café and hope he sees you so he knows that you actually appreciate his art, and cared enough to listen in class whilst sitting next to your snoring classmates.

Keep your eyes open, some things would surprise you.



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