A few things circumstances can teach you.

There are things circumstances teach you.
I thought to myself under the hot water of my cold bathroom at 5 in the morning.
I have never been more satisfied in this room until this dark day. I woke up during the early hours of the “ams” hoping to put an end to my sleepiness. My moments of pleasure have altered into directions I hadn’t given much importance to before. Like how it’s okay, no matter how extremely tired you are, to wake up at the peek of morning, the ass of daylight, just to feel hot water dripping on your shoulders. I had forgotten how nice it was to have fog showering with you, sticking on the mirror and the walls. I could breathe in the hot air this morning and it felt undeniably satisfying. Eyes still hadn’t gotten used to the harsh light bulbs yet but I didn’t really care.
*There are things circumstances teach you, like how the best things for your body, are sometimes things of which you had not thought of, that do so much good to every freckle on your arms: who knew, what didn’t smell or look so good, actually did more favors to your pours in a couple of minutes, than colored and scented products did so in years time. *A toast to Local soaps*
*There are things circumstances teach you.
Like how depressed a population can get when it’s rained out of its youth and free spirit. I’ve never noticed skies this gray and such emotionless expressions on faces.

*Circumstances might lead you to disappointing results from people you thought you knew well enough to share a donut with, to ask about their day and actually mean it.
*Circumstances are here to teach you how you have to let go of the oh-so-loved-and-eccentric fashion sense of yours sometimes, to be looked at as “professional”. I never thought I’d turn down the chance of wearing my hu-uge black necklace I keep in my drawers, or not shine my nails in green lime color on a hot day.
*Circumstances will make you appreciate another country that has lent you its roads, and let you live under its roofs, sheltering you from nature’s fury. That has taught you the importance of individuals, and their carelessness too. The value of the law and all its derives. That has lent you its moon and its stars, its long street night-lights and new smells, its original cuisine and its own new vision of a brighter future for you. You better appreciate every plant you come across, every stop sign and headlight! Every entrance card and payment bill.
*Amongst other things, circumstances will assure you that bread doesn’t last for longer than a month, food won’t magically stay edible when it’s in the fridge for almost a century, almost. People won’t always clean after you when you don’t have the time, just pick up a broom and stop whining it’ll be over before you know it.


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