Sleep like a Queen

I’ve just spent the last two hours or so with my “very tall very loud” neighbor.

He on his dark colored laptop, and I on my bright pink one.

Each of us focusing on our present to-dos, and occasionally speaking to one another about music and notes, without looking at each other. Both of us, not so similar, but similarly emboxed behind our bright rectangular screens.

Most people in university might tell you they’ve spent their evening out with friends, at a restaurant, at someone’s house, or just home not doing much. 

We were here, bored out of our minds, so we decided to STRETCH.

Some reminders of the past leg injuries he’s had, lead us to a great hour and a half of stretching and semi-sporting. How many people do you find, on a plain week evening, almost midnight, stretching for roughly an hour in their room.

From necks, to shoulders, arms to the tips of every finger. Then come to the spinal column, our delicate “echelle” , that we were swaying  safely, from right to left , up to the cieling and down to the floor. As we hear the small cracks in between our stretches, it feels like our bodies are breathing from the inside. Not your usual inhale-exhale. It’s a heap of breath heard from indoors. A crunching sound really, that confirming you’re alive 🙂  Your body feels your moves and synchronizes with them. It reacts when you push it too hard, and heals when you allow it to rest. It is a great feeling.  A healthy feeling, one that some people lost. What to do when your temple, your home or roof is cracked? 

So as the long minutes pass by. Silence took over. Instead of talking about whatever was troubling our minds, from work to casualties. We focused on listening to our bodies instead of listening to each other. I spoke without saying a word and I listened to myself, and to the wind blowing through my temple’s long wide, pre-constructed windows, my walls and my ceiling.

I noticed my wrists were too weak. They shook for help. For support and mostly relief from pressure.  

After that while. We noticed the time. “Loud and proud” left and I stayed. I got up and felt like my legs were lighter. Like my steps took charge on the floor, stomped firmly, stood their ground. My walls were up again. Feeling powerful in ones body is such an over-powering and proud moment. 

I walk back to bed. I’m sleeping like a Queen tonight.

October 24th 2013



Okay so that was a flash from the past, but seriously though taking care of your body is essential. I didn’t pay much attention to it at first, but after that night I tend to stretch every now and then, and each time feels better than the previous one.


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